BC Care Aide is a new online community for Resident Care Attendants in BC

Care Aide Registry

The Ministry of Health Services has created the BC Care Aide Registry with the goal of providing greater protection to care aides.

The Care Aide Registry Sets Out:

  • Province wide standards for training programs to ensure care aides leave school with the skills they need. It also ensures your practice is recognized by supervisors and team leaders.
  • A standardized process to investigate allegations of abuse

How to Sign up to the Care Aide Registry:

  • Register online
  • By fax 877-494-3222
  • By mail 200-1333 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. V6H 4C6

Some people believe their employer will sign them up. This is not the case. While many employers are reporting names – only you can register yourself.

No one else can complete the signup for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can see information on the care aide registry?

  • Yourself when you update your information
  • Graduates from an accredited program upon competition of a health care course
  • Employers looking to hire staff

What can employers see?

They can only see if a person is registered or not registered. No other information is provided.

Can anyone else access my registration information?

Only ministry staff.

What is the price?

There is no cost to be part of the system.

Does registering help me get a job?

Signing up to the care aide registry will be a requirement of working in a publicly funded facility.

Should I worry about being alone with a client now?

No. This system sets out a process of dealing with allegations of abuse.

Can I change my address later on?

Yes you can change your address after registering.

I work in a private care home – can I apply?

Yes. You can apply to the registry by fax or mail. You cannot apply online.

Does the care aide registry contain information from the past?

No. It only contains information going forward.

What does the registry do?

It establishes common guidelines and practices for training and accreditation in BC. It also ensures a fair and transparent system for dealing with allegations of abuse occurring in publicly funded facilities.

I have a certificate but am not currently employed. Can I apply?

Yes. If you provide proof of successful completion of schooling you are eligible to apply to the registry.

I spend half of my time working as an aide and half of my time performing other tasks around the facility. Am I eligible to register?

Yes you can register.

Who is eligible to be on the registry?

BC care aides and community health workers who are employed or BC care aide and community health worker graduates who are seeking employment.

Which ministry is responsible for the program?

The Ministry of Health Services.

How long does the application take by mail?

About three weeks.